Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 2

Raising Awareness One Story at a Time

Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 2

October 19, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Child Sex Trafficking: Story 1 | Part 2

On today’s episode, we are continuing the discussion about Child Sex Trafficking – Story 1  and we are joined by Journalist and Host Christine O’Donnell. On last week’s episode, we heard about Christine O’Donnell reporting on a story where Bianca, a survivor, bravely came forward to raise awareness.

In the many hours of doing research on story after story, Christine is the only reporter I found who continued the discussion by calling out the people attacking Bianca. It is easy for most of us to disregard the fact that journalists are affected by the people they interview. They are a degree of separation away from that tragic event. This is why I chose this story to help raise awareness because Christine fought back for Bianca. She saw some of the vile comments being posted about Bianca and took a stand. Today we take a stand for Bianca and Christine and we honor their courage by continuing the discussion.


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