Online Grooming: Gaming | Breck Bednar

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Online Grooming: Gaming | Breck Bednar

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Online Grooming: Gaming | Breck Bednar:

A summary of an article posted on published February, 10th 2014:

[In the United States alone, an estimated 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls play video games.  Video games have become an important part of popular culture. Dutch researchers suggest that not only do the newer video games provide young people with compelling social, cognitive, and emotional experiences, they also can potentially boost mental health and well-being. Video games nowadays can be played either alone, with others, or in competition with thousands of other online players. For most gamers, video games are played for enjoyment and to help improve their mood. Along with distracting them from real-world problems, succeeding in video games can lead to positive feelings, reduced anxiety, and becoming more relaxed. Many gamers report intense emotions of pride and achievement by immersing themselves in games that allow a high sense of control that “takes them out of themselves”.]

The benefits of gaming are becoming clear, but are these benefits making our kids vulnerable to the effects of grooming…

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