Online Grooming: Internet Safety | with Alicia Kozakiewicz

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Online Grooming: Internet Safety | with Alicia Kozakiewicz

December 7, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Online Grooming: Internet Safety with Alicia Kozakiewicz:

In 2002, the internet was budding and the world was creeping into our households. Browsers like Lynx, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla were being turned on. It was the equivalent of advertising to the world that our front doors are unlocked and everyone is welcomed without restriction and the online groomer was born.

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I want to thank Alicia Kozakiewicz for telling her story and dedicating her life to raising awareness about internet and child safety. No one can imagine the pain that she endured those 4 days in January, she has been sharing her story in the attempt that we as parents take heed. We give power to her message by taking action and learning about internet safety so that we may impart our knowledge to our children. 

Thanks to Shane Yoder and his team at for the theme music, thanks to Ed Luby for the Awareness Logo, and thanks to my family for allowing me to do my part to help raise awareness.

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