Trafficked | Story by Dottie Laster & Online Grooming: Carly Ryan

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Trafficked | Story by Dottie Laster & Online Grooming: Carly Ryan

January 25, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Trafficked Story by Dottie Laster & Online Grooming: Carly Ryan 

Today’s episode will unfold in 2 parts.  

During the first part of the episode…

Dottie will be sharing the story of a high school student we will be calling “Nancy” who was abducted and forced to do things that would destroy her innocence. Her story is a cautionary tale for the vulnerability of our kids not just from the internet monsters but from those around them. I have come across many stories of high schools students being tricked by people in their schools, the ones they call friends, who set them up for predators like the ones you are going hear about today. You will also be introduced to the power of coercion, a term not unlike grooming, in that it’s power is only matched by it’s ability to stay under our radar.  

The second part of this episode will feature Carly Ryan’s story, her story will be the final story of the online grooming series for a while. This is an important story, so it must be told. We often underestimate the deviant nature of these predators, we underestimate the desire they have to inflict harm on our children. This story will cap off the grooming series I promised you. Over the last few of months, I have shared with you stories, that I wouldn’t have imaged were possible, stories that seem like they could only exist in our nightmares. Stories that we now know are very real.  If you take away only one thing from this series of episodes, It is my hope that you know that you must beware, they are out there, waiting lurking, planning…


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Dottie and I are in constant communication, and we will likely bring you more from the world of human trafficking. Thank you Dottie for meeting with me and for sharing your stories. On behalf of the listeners and me, Thanks for your service! 


Thanks to Shane Yoder and his team at for the theme music, thanks to Ed Luby for the Awareness Logo, and thanks to my family for allowing me to do my part to help raise awareness.


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