School Attacks | Part 1 with Dr. David Perrodin

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School Attacks | Part 1 with Dr. David Perrodin

February 8, 2018 Uncategorized 0

School Attacks | Part 1 with Dr. David Perrodin 

Bath Consolidated School Sources:

22 things you may not have known about the 1927 Bath school massacre

Bath School bombing: Oldest surviving student recalls ‘how awful it was’

Book TV: Arnie Bernstein, author of “Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing”


Grover Cleveland Elementary School Sources:

Brenda Spencer Documentary | I Don’t Like Mondays

Justice Story: 16-year-old girl shoots up school, tells reporter ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’


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Thanks to Dr. Perrodin for lending his expertise! Check out the Safety Doc Podcast here: and you can find his contact information here: Awareness Podcast Website

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