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This episode contains graphic language about violence towards children, please use your discretion.

This will be our mid-season finale, with episodes returning this summer.

Over the last 6 months, I have brought you stories about child sex trafficking and how groomers prey on victims to turn them into sex slaves.

We have also examined stories about groomers and how they are everywhere on the internet and nowhere is safe, if you are connected to the internet.

Now it is one thing for me to bring you stories about how these people are preying on our children, stalking them post after post, for me to tell you how deviant these people are using words like monster and predator, but it’s another thing for you to hear it for yourself.

On today’s show we are going to examine the deviant minds of sexual predators, and it’s going to be extremely graphic and at times very difficult to listen to, I have been struggling for months now on whether or not to share this with you, but this is the Awareness Podcast and thus you must be made aware of what we are dealing with. We need to stop the powerful myths that make us feel safe the ones these monsters trade on, the ones that jeopardize the safety of our kids, the ones that make our children vulnerable.

If you still can’t make the leap, to see how dangerous our world is today for our kids, just take a look, spend a few hours searching for it and you will find it, as I did, and it’s why I’m here today.

On this episode, you are going to hear from sexual predators, in their own words, their thoughts their desires and how easy it was for them to commit these heinous acts and this was before social media and unfettered access, and as you listen, take note, that it is now easier than ever before in history, for a predator to come into our lives and wreak havoc, because their deviancy has no limits, it has no boundaries. It is very dangerous when we fail to recognize the reality of malevolence. We don’t have to understand it, but we must recognize it.

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Thanks to Shane Yoder and his team at for the theme song, thanks to Ed Luby for the Awareness Logo, and thanks to my family for allowing me to do my part to help raise awareness.

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