[15] Bullying: Mallory Grossman | Part 2 with Dianne Grossman

Raising Awareness One Story at a Time

[15] Bullying: Mallory Grossman | Part 2 with Dianne Grossman

August 23, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Bullying: Mallory Grossman | Part 2 of 2 with Dianne Grossman

As parents, we spend our lives moment by moment trying to protect our kids from harm. Every moment life offers, we try to anticipate the danger our kids might face. Our generation was raised on tough love, believes in sticks and stones, we were told to fight back, toughen up, defend ourselves. That was a different time, a different era, those rules don’t apply now, the game has changed, technology has changed the game, we haven’t changed and we need to. We are pretty good at shielding our kids from physical harm, but what about the emotional and spiritual harm, little consideration was given to that when we were growing up, the disconnect from bullying while at home gave us crucial moments with our friends and family. Those moments nurtured us to resilience,  gave us a fighting chance. They lifted our spirits enough to face another day.  Technology has infiltrated those moments, they are all but non-existent, the effects of bullying are now with our kids 24/7. No time to recharge, no time to heal…

On today’s episode we are joined by Dianne Grossman. Dianne’s contact information can be found on https://www.awarenesspodcast.com/guests/

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Thanks to Dianne and the Grossman family for trusting me with their story. I am truly grateful!

Thanks to Shane Yoder and his team at puttheminasong.com for the theme song, and thanks to my family for allowing me to do my part to help raise awareness.


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