[16] Bullying: A School Encounter | Part 1

Raising Awareness One Story at a Time

[16] Bullying: A School Encounter | Part 1

September 6, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Bullying: A School Encounter | Part 1

If you are finding the podcast for the first time, this is the 4th episode on the bullying series, so check out the other 3 each of them are titled beginning with the word “Bullying”. Bullying has been one of the issues on my mind since March of 2017 when I spoke to Maurine Molack, her son 16 year old David completed suicide on January 4th 2016 after months of bullying and cyberbullying, and was the event that propelled me to create this podcast. It was the moment I realized that all the information I found researching these stories needed to be shared with you, because true awareness requires a community. Since then I have spoken to Diane Grossman, who’s 12 year old daughter Mallory committed suicide last year and you heard their story on the 2 episodes before this one. These two conversations deeply impacted me and I am determined to apply and share any learnings from those 2 tragedies that I can. I am determined to allow their hindsight to guide my way and hopefully yours as well. There is so much to learn from these 2 families, we can apply those learnings to honor their children and the countless others who have experienced the same type of attacks. 

On April 1st 2017, Dr. David Perrodin sent a direct message on Twitter via the Typical Daddy Podcast handle, (Typical Daddy is a podcast I was a cohost on), in that message he praised an episode we did with author Nancy Jo Sales, ( that episode was released as a bonus on this feed). 

Since then, we have struck up a friendship and we have collaborated on various projects. I have been on his show, and his expertise has been featured on a few episodes on this show. As I was writing the first episode of the bullying series (episode 3) in honor of  National Bullying Prevention Month in October of 2017 , I thought it would be a good idea to have his expertise on that episode. On short notice, he agreed to come on the show to share insight from a school administrator’s perspective. We recorded that episode the night of Sept 20th 2017 and little did I know, that just a few months later, I would have to lean on his advice.


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