[19] Bullying: Empowerment with Danielle Matthew

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[19] Bullying: Empowerment with Danielle Matthew

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Bullying: Empowerment with Danielle Matthew

If you are finding the show for the first time, this is final episode, at least for now, on the bullying series. When I conceptualized this series I wanted to bring you bullying from different angles. It was my goal to show you bullying from a school administrators perspective we did that on episode 3 with Dr. Perrodin, I wanted to expose how devastating it could be and how it can really happen to anyone. Mallory’s story is a powerful one and it gives you a good overall view of the problem and how in just a short amount of time, it can drain the life and spirit out of our kids. It was important for me to show you how involved Dianne was in trying to address this issue, and how she underestimated the affect of bullying, and how deep the spiritual wounds can be. I can relate to Dianne’s perspective, her mindset as she was going through it, to be honest, it is very likely that I would have followed the same path, as I am sure most of you  would have as well.  Mallory’s story was highlighted on episodes 14 and 15. 

I also shared with you my story, I felt it was important to show you how easy it is to get caught up in the power struggle with the schools, how in some cases the schools are out of touch. As much as I didn’t want to hear it, Dr. Perrodin’s analysis was tough but fair. He assisted us in understanding how to navigate a tough conversation using my story as a real world example. You heard my story on episodes 16 and 17. 

And then I shared with you my discussion with Nancy Willard, who’s perspective on bullying, really changed the way I look at this phenomenon. When you frame bullying situations and wrap it in the context of social dominance, it makes sense how when bring the bully and bullied together to resolve the issue, more often than not, doesn’t work. It didn’t work in Mallory’s case. It is extremely important that we look at bullying from different angles, different perspectives, we need to understand it at it’s core. Nancy’s view give us more insight and understanding. My discussion with Nancy Willard was on episode 18. 

On today’s episode, we are joined by Danielle Matthew a bullying expert and author of the book  “The Empowered Child”. It was really important for me to provide solutions so that we can be proactive rather than reactive because once the effects of bullying take hold, it is very difficult to escape it’s grasp. Those of you going through this with you kids know, it can feel like we are powerless to help our kids but don’t fret, today is about hope, about realizing that help is out there, it’s about realizing that you are alone, that  you can get help. Danielle will provide some practical advice that you can start using today. I have been practicing her advise and have been having success, not just with bullying (which, I am happy to say, is non existent) but allowing me to have a deeper connection with my girls.

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