[20] Sexual Offenders: Acquaintance | Nice Guy

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[20] Sexual Offenders: Acquaintance | Nice Guy

December 16, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Sexual Offenders: Acquaintance | Nice Guy

I want to begin today’s episode with an apology, I have done you a great disservice. So please accept my sincere apology. I am sorry.

If you have noticed the podcast feed lately, on March 22nd 2018 I released episode 13 called “Predators”, I have renamed that episode to “Sexual Offenders: Facing Reality”. On today’s episode you will understand why I was compelled to change the name of episode 13 and the reason for the apology. In order for awareness to be effective, we can not continue identifying sexual offenders under the obscure guise of labels like “Monster” or “Predator”.

We use these labels to conjure up feelings of fear and anxiety. It is our expectation that those labels will wake us to awareness we expect that these labels will raise our level of vigilance, but the opposite can be true. Sexual Offenders cloak themselves in gestures of kindness, and affection, they display altruistic behaviors to lull us into complacency. This is all part of the grooming process and it is intended to widen the chasm between our perception of monsters ad predators and reality. This is why I changed the name of episode 13 and why I believe an apology is warranted. 

On today’s episode, you will be introduced to the worst kind of sexual offender, the kind that is a master of manipulation, the kind that attracts kids and adults alike,  the kind that works their way into leadership positions, positions of authority, positions with access to our kids.

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