About the Host

Raising Awareness One Story at a Time


I have a degree in Psychology and I am a technology manager. I know, weird combination!

A Podcast is Born

As a host on another podcast called the Typical Daddy Podcast, I was doing research about a topic for one of our episodes. It was a discussion about the dangers of social media and how parents are not prepared. It was during that research that I found issue after issue about things like cyber bullying, teen suicide, and child sex trafficking to name a few. At the time, I saw a local news story about a mother and her family fighting to pass legislation on cyber bullying. Her 16-year-old son had committed suicide and she was fighting for other children and parents to have recourse if they were ever in that situation. I mustered up the courage to call and offer her to come on to our podcast and tell her story. I was floored that she would spend 30 minutes on a phone call with me to discuss this tragic event.

A few days went by and I quickly realized that stories like these should not be limited to one episode and in reality, the only limit should be that of the message itself.

So I conceptualized this podcast to help people share their stories to raise awareness.

My Selfish Reason

In order for me to be the best father I can be, I am going to research the stories beyond the headlines in the attempt to get closer to the truth. This is my journey to gaining awareness and I will be sharing it with you!


The Safety Doc Podcast hosted by Dr. David Perrodin, episode #61.

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