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Raising Awareness One Story at a Time

Announcement: Farewell

Welcome to Awareness, the show that took you beyond the headlines! I want to say thanks to all who came on this show to share their insight and to help us raise our awareness. Christine O’Donnell, Dr. David Perrodin,  Crista Miller, Alicia Kozakiewicz, Dottie Laster, Dianne Grossman, Nancy Willard, and Danielle Matthew. Thank you for…
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May 30, 2019 0

[22] Sexual Offenders: Perversion Files | Boy Scouts

Sexual Offenders: Perversion Files | Boy Scouts It is said that it takes a village to raise a child. The essence of the meaning is that our kids learn from their environment and the more environments they are exposed to, the better equipped they will be to handle them once they are adults. To achieve…
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May 4, 2019 0

[21] Suicide Challenge: Blue Whale | Momo

Suicide Challenge: Blue Whale | Momo The dangers our kids face nowadays are similar in many ways to the ones we faced while growing up.  But the internet and social media have introduced new kinds of dangers, many of which, you are now aware of. Here on awareness, we have addressed the issue of suicide…
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March 21, 2019 0